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At the age of 10, I received my first camera, and from that moment on, I loved capturing portraits of those I care about.

As I grew older, photography became my way of preserving memories from my walks. But it was truly during my high school art studies that my passion for photography, particularly in architecture and anything related to significant construction moments, officially ignited!

Several workshops, a training in 2007 at the INRACI in Brussels, and countless hours of practice later, confirmed that I wanted to pursue this passion professionally. I work in high-resolution digital photography for architects and businesses, as well as in decoration, restoration, architecture, and design magazines.

Feel free to browse through the portfolio on the website.

Looking forward to working with you on one of your projects soon.


To make your visuals more impactful


Applying post-production work on the image after it has been taken enhances the overall visual appearance of the raw photo. 

Hiring a professional architectural photographer allows one to move beyond this generic rendering and delve deeper into post-production. Photos taken with professional cameras are captured in a ‘raw’ format, which allows for greater flexibility in editing. The post-processing phase is then carried out on an image-by-image basis. This means that I can develop each photo as I see fit, based on my expertise, artistic vision, and the client’s/project’s expectations. »

Why choose me?

Natural light
In both indoor and outdoor settings, I always shoot with natural light and long exposures.
Compétences professionnelles
the few years of experience bring me a certain mastery in the steps of an architectural reportage.
The price
The rates include:
Client meeting/exchange, study and technical analysis, location scouting, report preparation, post-production, conversion and export to desired formats, High-resolution image of 50 million pixels, transfer of certain rights.
Ultra hd
High-resolution image with 50 million pixels.
In light of the client's request, I bring a genuine photographic perspective to the project.
Outdoor or indoor and details report.
Complete report (interior, exterior, details, night).
Nighttime footage.
Advertising photo.



Archipelago, BAEV, Atelier du Sablon, Archifeu, Charles&Friesfood, Equinoxe, Archigraph, A3 Architectes, BURO5, Tavier, Niid, Clinet, Elise Fossion Architecte, H.J. Titecat, H.Ottignies, Coba sprl, Signé Jean, TGL sa, Coeck sa, Florentin, immo Uccle, Light Addict, Art&Build,…


SIA Architecture,…


De Alzua+, Atelier Delsinne Architecte, Bleher Architecte, Gl Events, MSR Architectes, Insitu, MVW Architectes, PIXL Architectes,…

United States

Arlo Hotel, Heatherwick Studio, Santiago Calatrava,…

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